To borrow from a term in network marketing, there is the concept of the ground floor opportunity.  It's the time during which a business markets to a targeted group of people before the company officially launches.  Those who get in early are then better positioned for business growth as other people are forced to come in underneath them. Withe the ground floor opportunity, you are better positioned for success because you are at the top of the matrix.

You May Be Missing An Important Pre-Step!

Some entrepreneurs think that the business plan is the Holy Grail for the success of their business. But the main purpose of the business plan is to get financing so you can literally take your idea to the bank.

There is a step before that, however, as it relates to your new or proposed business --  a ground floor opportunity, of you will.  It is called "The Check-In."  Without "The Check-In" you won't have the inner AND outer foundations so critical for the success of your business. If your results are not matching up with your business plan projections then you know something is awry.  You have missed out on your own ground floor opportunity.

When Is It Time to Do "The Check-In"?

Very simply, when some of the components of your business building system are missing or not working at peak capacity you will not achieve the optimal results from your business building activities. This can manifest itself in several ways depending upon what needs fine-tuning:

*Lack of focus, motivation, or confidence
*A low conversion rate
*Fewer new opportunities and clients

No amount of positive thinking or over-encouraging from well-meaning friends and family will fill in your business building gaps. Even from a spiritual standpoint, God requires that we take action., e.g. "My people perish for lack of knowledge," "Write the vision, make it plain."

It is imperative that you do "The Check-In" on a regular basis, especially during these challenging financial times.  If you are thinking about starting a business or just starting one, then "The Check-In" is a must! This is not a cookie cutter approach. It is very much a one-on-one experience and you won't be left on your own to figure it out.  It will change the way you think about your life and business forever!

If you would like to know more about "The Check-In" and how it can help your business then I am only a phone call or e-mail away at or call 804-363-5721.

Are your tired of coming up against brick walls? Are you tired of trying to figure it out by yourself? When will YOU do "The Check-In"?

At last, A Safe Place for Your Business to Check-In
This page was last updated: May 17, 2010
THE CHECK-IN was developed by Paula Quick, Internationally Recognized Life Coach/Reflexologist as featured on: Healing

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